DIY Bookkeeping

DIY Bookkeeping

Do you own your own business and feel a bit lost about how to handle your finances?  Yet, you are not in a position to hire a bookkeeper to help you out.  We understand.  We provide options to help you learn the basics so that you can lay a solid foundation for your finances.  Finances are not an area that you can neglect, or overlook.  Finances are the back bone of your business.  Make sure you understand them and lay a great foundation.  We can help!

DIY Options:

Know Your Numbers, Master Your $

This online course will get you up to speed on many different business topics.  Not only will you see a simple system to “know your numbers,”  you will learn what it takes to gain control of your finances and master your money.  No more pretending, no more faking it.  Just real, true knowledge and understanding, along with a plan of action to help you get there.  This course covers:

  • Legal structures
  • Basics of bookkeeping
  • Finance 101 – learn to read your financial statements and reap the knowledge that these reports provide.
  • Learn to think like a CFO – make a plan to tell your money where to go.
  • Paying yourself – make sure that you get paid, your taxes get paid and even how you can pay yourself a bonus!
  • Be ready at tax time! – get guidance on the steps you need to take before you meet with your accountant.
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Software Set-up and Jump Start Training

Perfect for the savy entrepreneur that would like to get their books set up right from the start. We will set you up in the accounting software of your choice (Xero or QBO) and get you started using it.  You do not have to venture into this area blind, or go it alone.  Let us help you strengthen this key area of your business. 

As your business grows, you may want to hand these tasks over to a full service bookkeeper.  You can rest assured that your books will be in order. You won’t have to spend a big chunk of money to pay someone to clean up the mess from not doing it correctly from the start. Clean up fees are costly!

If you take our Know Your Numbers – Master Your $ course you will receive 15% off the set-up fee.

  • Set-up in Xero or QBO
  • Chart of accounts set-up
  • Invoice branding
  • Customized check styling (optional)
  • Bank feed set-up
  • Import contact list
  • Credit card processing set-up (optional)
  • 2 – one on one  30 minute training sessions
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Bookkeeping Advisory Service

Once you have your accounting file set up and running, you may still have questions or areas that you need more help with.  Everyone is different and what is easy for some, is difficult for others. 

We provide customized training so that you can choose specific areas where you need help. Your confidence will increase as you get assurance that you are doing things correct and you are on the right track.  

Need help creating your budget?  Stuck on getting those bank reconciliations correct?  Not sure if you classified that expense right?

There are NO dumb questions when it comes to bookkeeping. This stuff can make your head spin like nothing else.  We are here to help!

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“As an entrepreneur running a small online business, you get used to attacking every challenge head-on that comes your way.  Bookkeeping seems to be the one area that is easy to turn a blind eye to, even though it is among the most important.  Working with Simply Organized Bookkeeping has been a game changer for us.  Carolyn got our entire company set up in Xero and guided us through her fast track training program in no time.  We continue to do our own bookkeeping and it takes less effort than ignoring it did.  Our only regret is not doing this months ago.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

~Nick, Founder of YukonVsBumble Media LLC

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