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Carolyn Skäär

Bookkeeper, Coach & Legal Shield Associate

Hi, my name is Carolyn Skaar. I am a bookkeeper and business owner with a heart of a coach. Do you feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities of owning your own business? You wear a lot of hats – it’s no wonder you feel overwhelmed. Are you able to keep up with it all? The real questions are, do you really want to keep going like this? Is it worth it?

Finances are the backbone of every business. Let me ask you this – what is the first question that Marcus Lemonis from the TV show “The Profit” asks when he sets foot in a business? He asks, “Where is the accounting department?” Why do you think he wants to go there first? Because the bottom line is – cash is king. If you do not have control over your finances, you do not have control over your business.

How about you? Where is you accounting department and how is it doing?  Do you know where your business stands in terms of your cash flow? How much cash are you leaking because lack of organization, lost recipes and late fees?

And how about tax time? What is that like for you? How about your accountant? How much time does he or she spend with you throughout the year?

Did you know that a great bookkeeper can help you not only get your finances organized and your cash under control, but they can and should mentor you to help you reach your financial goals all throughout the year. You see, hiring a great bookkeeper is like having your own personal CFO and finance coach all in one. A great bookkeeper can take you from uncertainty and chaos to order, control and peace of mind.

Maybe its time to give yourself permission to seek out help and stop believing that you have to do it yourself. Set yourself free from the mindset that keeps you stuck. Get someone on your team who cares not only about your finances, but also about helping you grow your business.

If you are ready to move your finances from chaos to control, please sign up for a 15 minute, no pressure discovery session with me. Let’s meet and have a brief conversation. Maybe, just getting this conversation started is the next best step to get you on the road to financial peace. Go ahead, sign up and let’s chat!


“Safe Operation Service, Inc. has used Carolyn’s services for over a decade.  Her personalized service has freed us up from the task of bookkeeping. Thus, allowing us to focus on what we do best….Safety Consulting, rather than paying the bills and tracking expenses.”

– Tom Reher, Owner/Safe Operation Service, Inc.