Bookkeeping Solutions

for small businesses & solo entrepreneurs that help you take control of your finances and increase your profit.

Full Service Bookkeeping

We do it all for you! We keep track of your revenue and expenses, as well as give you guidance and direction with one on one meetings to give you the critical information that your numbers provide. Plus, you will be ready at tax time! No more long weekends to get prepared.

– Software Set-up
– Xero Subscription
– Monthly Bookkeeping
– Financial Statements
– Financial Progress Meeting
– Additional Add-On Services

DIY Bookkeeping

For the entrepreneur that is already familiar with bookkeeping, but needs guidance to get setup in a software program that provides automation! We will get you set up in Xero, provide you with an hour of one-on-one training to use it, and set you free. This option gives you peace of mind that your books are set up correctly, and basic training to start you on your way.

– Xero Software Set-up
– Customized to fit your business
– One hour of one on one training

DIY Memberships

Memberships are the ideal mix of a DIY program AND having an adviser on your team! This is a DIY system that provides you with training in basic bookkeeping and thorough training in Xero.  These memberships also provide you support, guidance and accountability to help you stay on track all year long.

– Software Set-up in Xero
– Training, support and so much more!

Simply Organized is here to help.

Overwhelmed by all the responsibilities of running your business?  Use your valuable time for more important things than the attention to detail it takes to maintain good financial records! You have clients to serve, emails to read, marketing needs to take care of, and deadlines to make.

Nevertheless, you cannot afford to bury your head in the sand and avoid critical bookkeeping tasks either. Avoid the mindset that bookkeeping is something to address once or twice a year. Meanwhile, papers build and scatter all over your desk and result in costly mistakes like the following…

  • Bills are not paid on time
  • Receipts get lost
  • You scramble at year-end to get it all done so you are ready to meet with your accountant.
  • You end up paying the IRS more than you should for taxes because you have failed to keep track of your expenses properly.

“Carolyn has been a great asset to our team. She is warm, personable and easy to work with. She works hard, and takes on your business finances with the care that she gives to her own.”


NEW! Start Right Package and Simple Start Memberships

Set-up, training and support options for the new entrepreneur who wants to start right, start simple and start now! Also suitable for the seasoned entrepreneur who is tired of doing it alone. Both options allow you to take control of your finances on YOUR TERMS. We handle your initial set-up in Xero and provide simple training so that you are up and running in no time.